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Having spent the last 10 years supporting IT for growing businesses it has been heartening to see how quickly many businesses throughout the UK have, in many cases overnight, embraced and adapted to the need for remote working.As a growing business ourselves we know that this is what happens. You have no choice but to adapt and keep going, it’s about keeping the doors open (figuratively speaking), serving your customers and protecting your team and their jobs.For many businesses this would have meant reacting quickly and making decisions, which rightly, and understandably, prioritised continuity over security, at least in the...

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We are regularly asked what you should look for when choosing a new PC. There are a few keys areas you should look at   Processor Also known as the CPU, this is the brain of the PC. The more powerful it is the quicker the PC will feel and the more you can do at the same time. A general office PC which is used for email, spreadsheets and web browsing can have a lower end processor. For a PC on which photo editing or for using large complex spreadsheets need something more powerful. On a laptop power consumption is important so...

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