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Why Hackers are targeting businesses   Your business is at risk right now. Hackers are targeting all businesses, all day every day. They look for any weakness they can exploit to get in and do damage. Or steal your money. It's happening to business owners and managers just like you. So we've written a new guide: Beat the Baddies - How to win the war against hackers. The guide is free for business owners and managers. Fill in your details here to get it emailed to you immediately.   Download...

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  We are delighted to announce Innovec has been awarded the Cyber Essentials certification. As an IT Support company it is vital we work to industry best practice to protect us and our customers from current cyber threats. Cyber Essentials provides a good baseline of security and helps protect from the most commonly used cyber attack methods. Find our certification here   The test comprises a comprehensive checklist which is then assessed by an Accreditation body. We worked closely with Aggress Ltd, Cyber Security consultants, as we felt it was important to get an outsiders view of our business and would...

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The annual list of most common passwords for 2016 has been released by Keeper, a password management company. The data is obtained from leaked passwords from websites which have been hacked during 2016   Rank Password 1 123456 2 123456789 3 qwerty 4 12345678 5 111111 6 1234567890 7 1234567 8 password 9 123123 10 987654321   Tips on how to select a password Don’t reuse passwords because if one site gets hacked your login for other sites is breached too Use a phrase rather than a word and include spaces. Eg a line from a favourite song or film. “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die” Use two factor authentication where available – this is where the website sends you a text message...

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