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3 Key Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, combines two key aspects which make it the perfect tool for businesses to manage their day-to-day activity and communications. Firstly, it is the most up-to-date version of all of the Microsoft Office tools you know and trust – Excel, Outlook, Word, and more recently Teams, which has been a godsend in these times of remote working. Secondly, it delivers these programs via the cloud. Now, for those concerned about moving to the cloud, we want to stress that from a day-to-day perspective, the tools mentioned above work just the same – you have them...

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With Christmas just two weeks away, and more people shopping online than ever before, there is a heightened risk of cyber-attacks, that could potentially damage your business systems and confidential data. Find out why businesses can’t let their guard down during the holidays – literally! And how to safeguard your company from the cyber-Grinches this year. 2020: Highest Year on Record for Online Sales in the UK As the countdown to Christmas gets on its way, so too do the delivery drivers of 2020. Who, arguably, have been busier than the North Pole this year. In the UK, online retail sales have gradually...

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“No Major Issues” is the least you should expect from your IT Provider, but that it is not the same as “Great Service” or “Value for Money”. When discussing your IT Support Provider, have you ever said something like “we’ve been with them for years and never really had any major issues”? Whilst “no issues” is definitely better than loads of issues, one word can make a big difference to that statement – “yet”. Given that most businesses today rely on IT, one major issue is enough to have a significant impact on trading, customer service or data security. The priority given...

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