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“No Major Issues” is the least you should expect from your IT Provider, but that it is not the same as “Great Service” or “Value for Money”. When discussing your IT Support Provider, have you ever said something like “we’ve been with them for years and never really had any major issues”? Whilst “no issues” is definitely better than loads of issues, one word can make a big difference to that statement – “yet”. Given that most businesses today rely on IT, one major issue is enough to have a significant impact on trading, customer service or data security. The priority given...

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  Backups are so important in today’s world, just look at all the different companies that have been affect by the many recent ransomware attacks. If your business does not have a good backup solution in place then you are putting your data at risk.   To implement a good backup solution that will make sure that you are covered in even the worst type of event, you must take into consideration the 3-2-1-Rule. The 3-2-1-Rule is a set of rules that outline the way to achieve a solid backup solution to make sure that you always have copy of your data no...

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