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“No Major Issues” is the least you should expect from your IT Provider, but that it is not the same as “Great Service” or “Value for Money”. When discussing your IT Support Provider, have you ever said something like “we’ve been with them for years and never really had any major issues”? Whilst “no issues” is definitely better than loads of issues, one word can make a big difference to that statement – “yet”. Given that most businesses today rely on IT, one major issue is enough to have a significant impact on trading, customer service or data security. The priority given...

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Having spent the last 10 years supporting IT for growing businesses it has been heartening to see how quickly many businesses throughout the UK have, in many cases overnight, embraced and adapted to the need for remote working.As a growing business ourselves we know that this is what happens. You have no choice but to adapt and keep going, it’s about keeping the doors open (figuratively speaking), serving your customers and protecting your team and their jobs.For many businesses this would have meant reacting quickly and making decisions, which rightly, and understandably, prioritised continuity over security, at least in the...

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