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FileStream Document Management

FileStream Document Management

What Is Electronic Document Management (EDM)?


Document Management (DM) or Electronic Document Management (EDM) is the method by which a paper document (made electronic by scanning) or an existing computer file is indexed to a computer storage location for easy access by search criteria over the network or the internet.


The ability to handle large and complex flows of information quickly and efficiently can frequently be the factor that differentiates the successful business.


Traditional methods of handling paperwork and electronic files do not generally allow staff the speed of access to information that modern business practice demands. In addition, paper records are vulnerable to misfiling, loss, and destruction – accidental or otherwise.


The solution to these challenges is Document Management – scanning paperwork to electronic documents and with existing computer files, efficiently managing them within an organised and planned system.


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Why FileStream?


FileStream Document Management Software has been developed by a design team with a wide range of general business as well as technical programming experience.


This is a significant benefit to our customers – a great deal of thought has gone into making the system practical and easy to use in a routine office environment. Now you can file and index ALL your records in one consistent electronic filing structure – including scanned-in paperwork, MS Office documents, CAD Drawings and JPEG images.

Top FileStream Features


    Substantial time saving to the organisation.


    Substantial paper saving aiding Green Credentials


    Improved process efficiency and performance


Audit trail is ideal for GDPR compliance


    Integrated, customisable and scalable

As an official Filestream partner we will train users in how to get the most from your new system.

In business, no one solution fits all situations. With FileStream you are presented with in depth customisation options that allow for the system to be configured to best suit your organisational needs.

We offer ongoing support for your FileStream system so that your document management can evolve along with your business.

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