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The Importance Of Multi-Factor Authentication

Alongside using strong, unique passwords for all your sites, multi-factor authentication should also be used. It is also known as MFA and two-factor authentication.Multi-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security to your accounts and sites and ultimately, your systems and business.This article will cover what multi-factor authentication is, how it can help protect your systems, accounts and sites, and, the risks of not implementing MFA in your business.Let’s delve deeper into the article. What Exactly Is Multi-Factor Authentication? There's still a cyber attack risk for even the strongest of passwords.  Enabling MFA adds an extra barrier for if a hacker...

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Staying ahead in business often means embracing cutting-edge technologies. New tools can unlock new avenues for growth especially for small businesses. SMBs are often looking for affordable ways to gain a competitive advantage. One such transformative force is Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). This is a technology that goes beyond automation and the AI we used to know. It can create content, solutions, and possibilities before unimaginable. It’s so revolutionary that it’s hard to go online without seeing it everywhere. Do you have a small business seeking to grow? Looking for innovative ways to navigate the competitive landscape? Generative AI can be a...

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Browser extensions have become as common as mobile apps. People tend to download many and use few. There are over 176,000 browser extensions available on Google Chrome alone. These extensions offer users extra functionalities and customisation options. While browser extensions enhance the browsing experience, they also pose a danger which can mean significant risks to online security and privacy. In this article, we unravel the dangers associated with browser extensions. We’ll shed light on the potential threats they pose as well as provide insights into safeguarding your online presence. The Allure and Perils of Browser Extensions Browser extensions are often hailed for their convenience...

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in 2024, It's crucial to be aware of emerging technology threats. Ones that could potentially disrupt and harm your business. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It’s bringing new opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals alike. Not all technology is benign. Some innovations can pose serious threats to our digital security, privacy, and safety. In this article, we’ll highlight some emerging technology threats to be aware of in 2024 and beyond. Data Poisoning Attacks Data poisoning involves corrupting datasets used to train AI models. By injecting malicious data, attackers can skew algorithms' outcomes. This could lead to incorrect decisions in critical sectors...

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Generative AI In The Year Ahead

There’s no denying the benefits of Generative AI. It aids businesses productivity and making it simple enough to come up with presentations and agendas quickly.  In 2023 we seen it becoming increasingly more popular with more businesses using it from time to time.Although it’s a wonderful tool to have, it must be used with some caution.  As with everything technology related, cyber threats are a real risk. But the risk can be reduced if your business has vigilant employees, top notch cyber security practices and AI being used responsibly. Businesses are not the only ones keeping up with...

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Technology plays a pivotal role in driving efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. For small businesses, workforce technology modernization is both an opportunity and a challenge. Embracing modern technology can empower small businesses. It can help them thrive in a digital era. Yet many of them don’t keep up with modernization. For example, over 30% of small businesses haven’t upgraded systems in 4+ years. Some of the reasons small and medium businesses don’t upgrade their tech include: Limited funding Unsure how to modernize technology Stuck in the “old way is fine” mentality The benefits of upgrading technology are many. One study found the following. That 45% of businesses...

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