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December 2023

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Technology is reshaping the world of work at an unprecedented pace. From artificial intelligence to the hybrid work model. We are witnessing a series of technological revolutions. They are transforming how we communicate, collaborate, create, and innovate. Let’s explore some of the most impactful technology trends that are changing the way we work in 2024 and beyond. 1. Artificial Intelligence AI and Generative AI are not just buzzwords. They are transforming the workplace. These technologies enable automation, allowing teams to handle mundane tasks more efficiently. They free up human resources for more creative and strategic endeavors. AI is not a new concept, but it...

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Technology is a wonderful thing, even more so as it advances because it brings new opportunities, however, it also brings threats.  But cyber criminals are always finding new ways to threaten your business’ digital security and privacy. It’s important as we go into 2024, to be aware of emerging technology threats.This article will cover threats to look out for in 2024 and years to come. Data Poisoning Attacks As people use artificial intelligence increasingly more often, cyber criminals see this as an opportunity.  The data poisoning consists of the cybercriminals corrupting the database used to train artificial intelligence models.  They do this...

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These days, our lives are intricately woven into the digital fabric. From emails to photos, documents to apps, our devices store tons of information. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the sight of an endless inbox or app library. As the new year begins, it's the perfect time for a digital declutter. A clean and organized digital environment can help you improve your productivity. It also reduces stress. Here are some practical tips to help you declutter your digital space. 1. Start with a digital inventory Before diving in, assess your digital landscape. Take stock of your devices, accounts, and digital files. Knowing...

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