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What Makes a Good Backup Solution?


Backups are so important in today’s world, just look at all the different companies that have been affect by the many recent ransomware attacks. If your business does not have a good backup solution in place then you are putting your data at risk.


To implement a good backup solution that will make sure that you are covered in even the worst type of event, you must take into consideration the 3-2-1-Rule. The 3-2-1-Rule is a set of rules that outline the way to achieve a solid backup solution to make sure that you always have copy of your data no matter what.



  • Have At Least Three Copies of Your Data

The reason that just one backup isn’t enough is that what if the device you were backing up to was to fail, then then you would be exposing yourself to the risk of losing all your data.



  • Store Your Data on Different Media

If you are storing your backups on the on the same media (For example an internal hard drive on your server) then you are also exposing yourself to the risk of losing all your data. What if something was to go wrong with you sever, then you could lose all your backups.



  • Keep an Off-site Backup

Having an offsite backup is very important because is make sure your data is safe even if the worst was to happen (For example there was a fire in the office).




You have also got to think about how you store your backups, if you are storing your backups on an external hard drive that you bring home with you, you will want to encrypt those drives. If the drives are left unencrypted and you leave it somewhere, then anybody could plug it into their computer and access your data.